What is the FNMTC

The Federation’s aims:

  • The representation of the entire profession and the drafting of regulations and a Code of Ethics,
  • Management of the  NATIONAL REGISTER comprising the list of practitioners already working and the register of colleges,
  • For all accredited colleges, the establishing of learning criteria (curricula and examinations) and management of the list of current students and alumni,
  • Representation vis-à-vis national and international agencies of all colleges and professional organisations accredited by the F.N.M.T.C.,
  • Drafting of the Charter defining the roles of colleges, professional bodies and practitioners,
  • Drafting of the Code of Professional Ethics and monitoring of compliance,
  • All measures relating to legal and administrative issues and socio-professional protection,
  • Provision of neutral, objective information for the general public and healthcare professionals,
  • Hunting down charlatans attracted by the term « energy-based »,
  • Encouragement for TCM research programmes and organisation of an annual conference, seminars etc.

The F.N.M.T.C. is the main TCM body in our country. It is independent of colleges, laboratories, equipment suppliers etc. and guarantees total impartiality to ensure fairness and integrity. We want to put an end to the controversy on the use and teaching of TCM and allow it to play its legitimate part in Public Health.

Head office: 7, rue Louis Prével – 06000 NICE. Telephone: 33 (0) 950 304 870