First French organization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, created in 14 August 1996, with the aim of promoting TCM in France, federating schools, organizing training at the national level and implementing a policy of recognition and regulation of the profession at the national level. In 1997, the FNMTC organized the first national diploma of acupuncture (DATC®) validating the knowledge and skills of participants in addition to the diplomas awarded by accredited schools, but in a move to standardize the content of training to provide the best quality of teaching to students and allow users to consult practitioners recognized nationally for their knowledge and skills. Following the creation of the CFMTC, of which the FNMTC is one of the founding organizations, the DATC® will become in 1998 the DNMTC® which will also be recognized in Switzerland. Since 2006, the FNMTC is a member and represents France within the ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association) and as such participates in the promotion and coordination of TCM recognition at the European level. Every year, the FNMTC is present at the congress in Rothenburg (Germany). Today, the CFMTC represents France within the ETCMA.