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Statutes of the FNMTC

Pour toutes demandes d’informations telles que : – la liste des praticiens membres de la Fédération Nationale de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise – […]


National Register The F.N.M.T.C. manages the National Register comprising a list of practitioners in business and training colleges. The National Register is […]

The advantages of the F.N.M.T.C. ?

For practitioners Federation membership card, Charter and code of ethics, Access to Professional liability insurance + complementary insurance, Newsletter – mtc.MAG, Participation in […]

What is the FNMTC

The Federation’s aims: The representation of the entire profession and the drafting of regulations and a Code of Ethics, Management of the  NATIONAL […]

Directory of Practitioners

For all requests for information such as: – Get the list of practicing members of the National Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine […]

mtc.MAG published Magazines

mtc.MAG are exciting articles written by professionals, specialists… but it’s also YOU! You are an ETCMA member’s school: send us your information […]

Who we are ?

Working for almost 30 years to bring people together is by no means easy. The organisations that were set up before us […]